Our Club

Mission, Vision and Values


The Club aspires to create and sustain a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment for our members and the broader community.


To ensure continued on green success for all Pennant Divisions.

To increase community involvement and enjoyment by all.

To develop and implement Policies and Procedures which demonstrate Legal and Ethical compliance and to create the environment described in the Club’s Vision statement.

To promote the competitive and social aspect of the Club through effective communication / social media / publicity and marketing.

To have a sustainable financial plan that allows the Club to operate successfully into the future.


The core values of The McLaren Vale Bowling Club are a reflection of our Code of Conduct (Respect, Fairness, Inclusion, Privacy and Confidentiality).

The Club strives for profitability through good financial governance.

The Club strives for transparency and good communication to all members.


David Rehn

Daphne Guerin

Board Member

Vice President Men

Ron Rodda
0403 463 004

Vice President Ladies

Jennie Jones
0408 812 220

Administrative Secretary

Janette Terry
0402 789 602


Trevor Morgan
0427 590 050

Board Member

Sally Brown
0410 424 050

Board Member

Peter Guerin
0413 987 345

Board Member

Brian Lintorn
0487 595 658

Board Member

Peter Rivett
0429 950 730

Bowls Co-Ordinator

Don Morand
0414 682 541



Ladies Office Bearers and Selectors

Chairperson Ladies Facility

Lorraine Guerin

Selectors Thursday Pennant

Div1 - Div 3 -


Moira Mathieson

Ladies Championship Directors

Lorraine Guerin
Lyn Laxton

Club Championship Directors


Carl Wohling

Open Gender Office Bearers and Selectors

Chair Person of Selectors

John Martin

Div 1 Selector

Ray Dienelt

Div 2 Selector

Rob Dingle

Div 3 Gold Selector

Neville Trinne

Div 3 Blue Selector

Vicki Filippidis

Div 4 Selector

Sally Brown

Div 6 Selector

Robert Barry

Green Keeper

Ashley Whiley

Code of Conduct

The aim of this Code of Conduct is to provide an enjoyable, comfortable, safe, and rewarding environment for all people associated with the Club. It applies equally to members and their quests, including players from other clubs visiting the Club for pennants, social or other competitions.

Members, visitors, and guests of the club have a right to:

  1. be treated with fairness and respect.
  2. participate in a environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination; and
  3. have their privacy and confidentiality protected.

Members may submit their views or concerns to the Board of Management or relevant Bowls Committee in person or in writing.

The Board of Management will investigate and deal with concerns in a timely manner and in accordance with the Club Constitution and By-Laws. They will advise all concerned parties of their decision, which will close the matter.

It is expected that members and visitors of the Club will always:

  1. be friendly, courteous, and respectful towards other members, visitors and volunteers.
  2. respect teammates, opponents, officials and the rules and etiquette of the game.
  3. refrain from behaviour that would bring the game or the Club into disrepute.
  4. refrain from behaviour that could be considered offensive or embarrassing to others.
  5. behave in a way that is non-aggressive, harassing, or violent.
  6. respect the positions of office bearers, committee members and volunteers of the Club.
  7. treat the property and facilities of the Club with respect; and
  8. contribute positively to the sporting and social activities of the Club.
  9. having indicated their availability to represent the Club in Pennants or other organized competitions; a member must play in the position(s) and team(s) they are selected in by the Club’s selectors. Any member who is dissatisfied with a decision of the Club’s selectors may appeal in writing in the Chairman of the Selection Committee who will take the issue to the Board of Management if not resolved. These are the only acceptable avenues for review and any direct approach to an individual selector is a breach of this Code of Conduct and is not appropriate.
  10. use social media or online Internet forums i.e. (Facebook, Team Apps, Snapshot, Instagram) for what is deemed to be detrimental or defamatory to the Club, its members or the sport of Lawn Bowls.

Conduct is a matter of concern to all members – poor conduct has a negative impact and can be harmful and destructive to the Club as well as individual members and visitors. It is the responsibility of all members to “call out” inappropriate behaviour, as it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that their behaviour is appropriate.

If a member is offensive or abusive, responding in the same manner will also be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct. The only reasonable and acceptable response is to not engage in a negative behaviour. It is acceptable to report the concern/matter to the Board of Management to be investigated under breaches of the Code of Conduct and in accordance with the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws.

Any member representing the Club must not engage in conduct, which is violent, aggressive, inappropriate, or prejudicial to the interests of the Club. A member representing the Club, for the purposes of this rule, is defined as anyone who:

  1. is wearing club uniform or any items of uniform that identifies them as a member of the Club.
  2. represents the Club in any bowls event; and
  3. participates in any bowls event at our Club or at another club or attends such event(s) as a spectator.

As stipulated in the Club’s By-Laws any concerns or issues with the greens must be made in writing to the Greens Manager and in no circumstances directly to the Greenskeeper.

Bowlers will show respect to their teammates, and opponents, and play the game in accordance with Bowls Australia and Bowls SA Laws and GSBA Conditions of Play, to the highest degree of sportsmanship and honesty.

Members, visitors, and guests will ensure that the comfort of other patrons is not unreasonably disturbed and will conduct themselves in a manner that will not cause offence.

Members, visitors, and guests will consume alcohol responsibly and will accept any staff or licensee decision to discontinue the serving of alcohol without complaint.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct are to be reported to any member of the Board of Management. Any breach of the Code of Conduct will be resolved calmly, with honesty, dignity, and as far as possible confidentiality will be maintained.

Where and when required, a Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Board of Management has the right to make decisions, and enforce fair and appropriate measures, to resolve a breach of the Code of Conduct.

Any reported breaches of the Code of Conduct will be investigated, discussed, and dealt with by a Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Board of Management by imposing either a reprimand, suspension, or revoking of Club membership depending on th severity of the breach, the impact on the Club and /or individual.

In the case of non-club members, the Board of Management may consider a ban from the Club for a set period of time.