Age Friendly Hub

The upgrade of the entrance and carpark was identified in the Club Strategic Plan 2014 -2019. It was considered a priority due to the unsafe nature of the carpark with its uneven surface, wet in winter and dry and dusty in summer.
The Board of Management applied for a grant through the Residents Win Program of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) in February 2017.
Initially our application was rejected, as it was not considered to be in the “public Interest”. Further discussion and additional arguments put to DPTI changed their decision and the Club was given the opportunity to engage a planning consultant, Jensen Plus, to develop a concept plan.
Following the development of the concept plan and design by Jensen Plus, in close consultation with the Club, it was submitted to DPTI in March 2017 for funding consideration.
In June 2017 we were advised by DPTI that our application for the development of an ‘Age Friendly Hub’ was successful and DPTI as part of the Residents Win Program would provide a grant to assist with the project. The scope of work included bitumising the entrance, car park and Montessori staff car park, landscaping, bicycle rack, seating, lighting, line marking, designated pedestrian access, community art work, kerb and gutter and drainage.
The Club then sought quotes from Jensen Plus and Greenhill to undertake detailed planning and design and project management. Greenhill were awarded the project for a fixed consultancy fee.
Greenhill prepared initial plans including drainage design for our consideration and submission to Council for building approval.
Council had initially indicated that we would not require Development Approval, as there was already existing approval for the area to be used as a car park. This changed, and not only were we required to get Development Approval, it had to be advertised for community comment. This process slowed the project by several months.
After a lengthy process we received Development Approval for the work to proceed in March 2018.
Following approval, Greenhill then prepared tender documents and sought quotes for the work. Three quotes were received, Pridham, South Coast Sand and Civil and Davison Earthmovers. The contract was awarded to the lowest complying tender from Pridham in June 2018.
Work onsite was scheduled to commence 23 July and be completed on 14 September 2018. The contractor, Pridham, encountered several unforeseen issues that resulted in cost variations and time delays. These issues included underground services that we did not know existed; a stormwater pipe that did not have the required depth of cover, this required changes to the design and additional cost to lay a protective concrete slab over the pipe; need for additional retaining walls near the entrance; and inability to get the required compaction of the sub base due to moisture, requiring additional excavation and the introduction of appropriate sub base material. The time delays due to the additional work and wet weather extended the completion date to 28 September 2018.

The completed project has made an enormous difference to the amenity of the area, not just for our members and visitors, but also the community. No more pot holes filled with water in winter and dust in summer. The bitumised surface, designated pedestrian walkway and lighting will greatly improve the safety of the area. Seating in strategic places, bicycle rack and community art work will greatly enhance the amenity and appearance. It is now a space we can all be proud of and an asset for the community. It is a legacy to our current members and all those volunteers before us who have worked so tirelessly to generate savings to enable a project of this nature to go ahead.
The project would not have been possible without the support of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s Residence Win funding. The Club is extremely grateful for their generous support, and without this financial support this important project would not have been possible.