About Us

Mission Statement

The rationale behind our thinking

There are a few notable exceptions, but in general it’s the passion for our game that fosters the energy within our club. Club leaders and members must use their wisdom, foresight and guidance to continually nurture and stimulate the passion of our bowlers because ultimately it’s this accumulative pool of enthusiasm and energy that provides the strong pulse for our unique place within the heart of our community.

Our Mission

To continually improve the experience enjoyed by our bowlers and other visitors.

Our Vision

To be the club of choice for bowlers and the community.

Our Values

  • Club Excellence
    We will strive to be leaders in all aspects of being a club, be it on or off green.
  • Sustainability
    We will implement financial, membership and management strategies to ensure the club’s ongoing viability.
  • Community involvement
    We will endeavour to provide opportunities for community involvement in everything we do.
  • Enjoyment by all
    The fundamentals of a successful club are that it be a happy club. Providing the environment where everyone can enjoy themselves is a key to our future success.
  • Success on the green
    We pride ourselves on our long history of developing successful players and being a successful club. Our aim is to continue this as our club is ultimately judged by our performance on the bowling green.
  • Ongoing Improvement
    We will continue to review all aspects of our club and make improvements as opportunities arise. These need not all be large as many small improvements provide a similar outcome. Working towards our long term vision is what is important.

Board Members

President: Daryl Cearns – 0458 620249
Vice President Men: Mal Squire – 0409 969216
Vice President Ladies: Pauline Jolly – 0428 253657
Administrative Secretary: Janette Terry – 0402 789602
Treasurer: Trevor Morgan – 0427 590050
Peter Guerin – 0413 987345
Margaret Donald – 0447 674449
Jill Scott – 0452 592701
Neil Laxton – 0411 743738
Scott Myles –   0406 384301

Office Bearers for the Ladies Facility

Chairperson: Lorraine Guerin
Vice Chairperson: Denise Pulford
Secretary: Adriana Coppin
Tournament Director: Pauline Jolly
Club Tournament Director: Moira Wohling/Catherine Cearns
Chairperson of Selectors: Elsa Pitman
Division 1 Selector: Denise Pulford
Division 2 Selector: Sally Brown
Division 3 Selector: Marie Broadwood

Office Bearers for the Men’s Facility

Chairperson:  Malcolm Squire
Tournament Director: Peter Guerin
Club Tournament Director: Ray Dienelt

Saturday Open Gender Pennant Selectors

Chairperson of Selectors: Des Kay
Division 1: Les Carter
Division 2: Steve Raymond
Division 3 Gold: Pauline Jolly
Division 3 Blue: Daryl Cearns
Division 4: Margaret Donald
Division 5: Geoff Mathewson
Division 6: TBA

Minutes of AGM, Board and Ladies Facility


Our Patrons

Patron: David Rehn
Patroness: Daphne Guerin