Dear Player,

Find a coach!
As a keen bowler, an accredited coach can help you achieve your personal goals. And don’t we all need help in a competitive environment such as bowls. This season make an effort to ask for help and seek advice . You will be the one who benefits. Other players’ performances seems to plateau off, they stop improving and they are not sure why? In collaboration, you and your coach can plan what you are aiming to achieve and how you can go about it.

1. What a coach can do for you?
Learn and improve performance skills eg. type of shots
To learn the application of the skills involved in bowls requires assistance. You need a coach to help you develop all your strengths and weaknesses. Often it is too easy to avoid working on all parts of your game. Players naturally tend to practice their strengths and spend inadequate time on their weaker skills. A coach can give direction and insist on a disciplined planned approach to practice.

2.Technique correction
If a fault creeps into your game you need an extra pair of eyes to regularly check your delivery. Your personal coach can do this for you if they have been observing your style and understand its characteristics. Video analysis is not difficult and is very useful, especially for a player who may not believe that their style has changed.

Regular simple exercise can help you cope with the physical requirements of the game. Walking, jogging, bike riding or swimming can form the basis of a suitable exercise program regardless of age. Additional forms of training can also be beneficial, such as circuit training, stretching and strength training. Your coach and doctor can advise you on suitable exercise for your age and health.

4.Confidence, motivation goal setting
All mental skills require practice and usually involve a strategy. Many players are naturally blessed with very good mental performance skills but could benefit from motivational help throughout the year and in particular at practice sessions. Direction is needed to plan and set goals prior to the playing season and also during the season when a special need arises.

5.Competition preparation
Each player is different and particular performance skills need emphasis prior to any important competition. Which ones? A personal coach can identify them and plan appropriate practice to assist the player to be totally prepared.

6.Practice sessions
Often practice sessions are unstructured and have no particular purpose. This is surely the way to maintain mediocrity. A personal coach can provide ideas, motivation and planning for your practice sessions. This is essential for sequential skill learning.

Selecting the correct Bowls for you.
This short video could help you decide which Bowl is good for you. In the end, you should always “Try before you buy”.


This short video may give you some ideas about good “Purposeful Practice”


Common Faults in your game. We all have these…….


Controlled Weight Shots.


Always remember as well as improving / teaching you the game,
A good coach teaches good sportsmanship.
A good coach will respect all of his/her players and teach them how to respect each other.
A good coach will take extra time with those who need it.
A good coach will find the best in each player.
A good coach will have patience.

At McLaren Vale we have some excellent and dedicated coaches. Why not contact Marie Broadwood, our Coach Coordinator who will assist you in either allocating a coach to assist or coach you herself.

Club Coach and Coordinator: Marie Broadwood (08) 8323 7464


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