Friday Night Meals

Example: Soup available on the cooler nights

Example: Salads on the warmer nights

Example: Hot veggies on the cooler nights

BAR  MANAGER – Pat Cavallaro – Ph:  0405 511 969

Come and join us for Friday Night Tea from 5:30pm  –  7:30pm

Pats Kitchen

Pat’s Kitchen

SEAFOOD (All served with chips, salad/veggies & tartar sauce)

Salt & Pepper Squid $13

Crumbed Calamari $14

Grilled Fish $14

Flathead $14

Battered Fish $14

Crumbed Fish $14

        Seafood Basket $14

SCHNITZEL (All served with chips, salad/veggies & plain or mushroom gravy)

Beef Schnitzel $15

Chicken Schnitzel $15

Beef Parmigiana $16

Chicken Parmigiana $16

Hawaiian Parmigiana $18

STEAK (All served with chips, salad/veggies)

Angus Rump Steak $19

SPECIAL (All served with chips, salad/veggies)

Special as per advertised on the day


Bowl of Wedges (with sweet chilli sauce & cream) $8

Bowl of Chips $4

 CHILDREN’S MENU (All served with chips and salad/veggies)

Beef or Chicken Schnitzel $8

Chicken Nuggets $6

Fish Fingers $6


As advertised on the day $5

Prices subject to change (correct as 11th May 2017)


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