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Welcome to McLaren Vale Bowling Sports & Social Club Website. We hope you enjoy the website and if you are a visitor to McLaren Vale pop in for a drink and enjoy our friendly atmosphere especially on Friday nights when we have meals and drinks are at club prices. Also we have a happy hour on Friday nights 5.30 – 6.30pm. Meals on Friday nights are served 5.30 – 7.30pm.


Special General Meeting 7:00pm on Monday 5 September 2016

To all full members of the McLaren Vale Bowling Club

In accordance with Regulation 62.1 of the Constitution,  the Board of Management has the power to make By-Laws and Regulations for the efficient working of the Club and to alter, amend and rescind any By-Laws or Regulations as the occasion may require. Not withstanding this, the Board of Management believes that due to the extent of the changes, and the input of some members into the amended By-Laws, it is appropriate to call a Special General Meeting.

The Meeting will be held at the club rooms at 7:00pm on Monday 5 September 2016The purpose of the meeting will be to present the amended By-Laws, discuss any concerns and receive feedback from members for future consideration.

A notice of the Special General Meeting has been posted in the Club.

I hope that you will be able to attend the meeting and provide constructive comment on the amendments

I also wish to acknowledge the significant contribution of Les Carter and Justin Kelly and their respective sub-committees for the work they have put into amending the By-Laws to bring them up to date with current practice.

kind regards, Peter Guerin


Please find attached a copy of the recently proposed amended By-Laws of the Club on page “Minutes & Documentation” of this website.


Membership Fees

To all members. 2016 – 17 Club fees are now due and must be paid no later than 24th September 2016.

Please note that the Club Membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June.

Fees are as listed below:

Full Member – $180.00

Associate Member – $130.00

Junior Member (under 18years) – $50.00

Social Member – $10.00

Introductory Fee (all 1st year Full Members) – $115.00